26 February 2009

☀Holiday Time!!☀

So Im off on my holidays today, going to visit my mum in Switzerland o I shall be gone for 2 weeks.  This is just a quick post, if I get a chance I will post a couple of pics while I am over there, bye for now! ☺

23 February 2009

Princess & The Pea

Princess & The Pea
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Something new from me. Handmade polymer clay pendant with hand rolled beads attached to a antique brass chain. I will have this in my Etsy store in the next couple of days.

22 February 2009

Awesome Art

Naupaka Brooch/Pendant
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I have been searching around on flickr for Art Clay Silver and PMC pieces and came across this pendant.  This is by the talented Gordi Silver (at least I think thats his name) he is an art clay instructor and his work is amazing.  I hope my pieces are as beautiful as his, go check out his flickr page or website.

17 February 2009


My new kiln will be here.  Im just waiting for the shipment to get delivered, its due at the end of this month but Im on holiday from 26/2- 12/3 so hopefully I will have it in time for when I return.  I cant wait to get it as I have been longing for a kiln for some time now to take my work in a new direction!  I was lucky enough to do my art clay silver first certificate last year which means I can teach Introductory courses If I like, I think I have already mentioned this in a previous post around about the time I did the course.  I also get a 20% discount on art clay which is worth doing the course in itself I think.  Eventually I will do my second certificate but I need to do a bit more silver clay work first to get back into the swing of things.
I also want to try the new bronze clay as you can get a lot more clay for your money too, so heres hoping my kiln arrives soon!

16 February 2009

On my Wishlist

OMG I love , love , love these earrings!  They are by David of Revonav and they are at the top of my favourites list right now.  Made from sterling silver and polymer clay with garnets.  I am hoping that 1, he will ship these to the U.K and 2, that they are still in his shop when I get back from my holiday because I will definately be treating myself if they are!
David is also a member of PCAGOE (polymer clay artists guild of etsy), go check out his shop its awesome.

Purchase Number 2!

Here is another of my winter purchases from Etsy.  These funky wrist warmers are from Snowberrylime go check out her shop which sells mainly yarn which she has hand dyed herself.
The wrist warmers had over 30 hearts I think so Im glad they are now mine and on there way!

15 February 2009

It's Crossing The Pond

So Im off on my hols in a week and a half and this time of year in Switzerland is pretty darn chilly so I have treated myself to some new things to keep the chill out.
First of all I have this gorgeous cowl from Happiknits which is on its way and I cant wait until it arrives yay!  Go check out her shop its awesome and next on my list is one of her capelets or maybe another cowl in a different colour, who knows!

7 February 2009

Work In Progress

Here are some new pendants I have been working on today all ready for the oven.  I am loving the kelly green and black combo!  I am not sure if I wll make them into necklaces yet or if I will just keep them as pendants. I think I will decide tomorrow.
Work In Progress
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