8 May 2009

Books I'm Reading

I thought I would write about some new books I purchased that arrived today and yesterday.  I am looking to learn more about working with sterling silver and learn some metal smithing techniques especially soldering.  I got Tim Mc Creight's book "PMC Techniques, Hot & Cold Connections"  I have a had a browse through and it looks really good and informative.  I also bought Jinks McGrath's book "Jewellery Making- A Complete Guide For Beginners" and also Joanna Gollberg's book "The Art & Craft of Making Jewellery"  The latter I think is not really for the beginner, well it looked a little complicated for me anyway but it is nice to browse through and look at the gallery photo's. Jink's book I think will be a good start as it is more for the beginner after flicking through I am looking forward to having a more in depth read and giving a couple of the projects a go.


artemissne said...

Hello Lou, thank you for passing by and commenting on my blog! And good books you have there. I've got Tim McCreight's Hot & cold too, and his complete metalsmith (which is one you want to keep close to your bench, I find it very handy). Jinks McGrath's beginner's guide I also have (in Dutch translation). Love the many photos in it, that really helps in figuring out the techniques!
And one that was a bit pricey, but totally worth it is Oppi Untracht's Jewelry Concepts & Technology -it's got everything: history & background, techniques, examples from all over the world, contemporary and historical.

Keep creating, I love your work!

Lou said...

Ah thanks Kristien, I am very new to metalsmithing so I am trying to read up lots. I also have the complete metalsmith on the way and I think I will definately get Oppi's book at some point.

Lou :)