12 May 2009

Work in Progress & sale!

First of all I made a sale today, yay! it was my falling star necklace that sold so that has made my day.
Secondly I have been making some silver leaves, the reason being is that I ran out of silver clay but have loads of paste so I thought I would utilize it and make some leaves.  Im not sure what the outcome of them will be yet but I am pretty sure they will be oxidized and turned into necklaces, maybe combining them with polymer clay.


Pips said...

They are gorgeous Lou! Congrats on the sale too - exciting! I need to come get some tips from you!! I made some leaves last week - four, and only one turned out ok. Very disappointed.

Lou said...

Thanks Pip

Sorry to hear about your leaves, do you have lots of layers of the paste? I tend to do the first layer quite thin and water down and then I dont bother doing layers I just trowel it on lol, something I learnt when I did my level one, saves time too. Don't give up! x