9 May 2009

Undiscovered- Koneart

Meet Koneart, who is a potter, he/she makes amazing  clay items.  My faves from their shop have got to be the lunch sets.

Here are a few facts about Koneart:

1. I can’t ignore nature or its Creator 2. I love writing a good story with a happy ending 3. I’m not afraid of spiders 4. I love the night sky but don’t want to leave earth 5. The smell of the ocean, the feel of the salty air puts life into me 6. I love creating things with my hands and have decided that the Creator must have loved creating too 7. Listening to music sooths me, playing it frustrates me. [And those around me] [Grin] 8. I wish I were an oceanographer—no, a botanist—no, a scientist . . . and so forth 9. Arguments frighten me and so do wild booze parties  10. I love quiet—quiet enough to hear a bubble pop 

Have a look at their shop and discover someone undiscovered!

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