22 July 2014

My Frankenbench!

I have been meaning to show off my bench for a while now; my partner made me this out of our old Ikea kitchen island, as you do! (I still need to submit it to the Ikea hacks site of course)

I mentioned it before briefly, here, but as I love it so much I thought I would share some more photos with you.

As you can imagine jewellery benches are pretty damn expensive if you want a decent one, and rightly so, with all of that thick nice wood being used.  I think I was Googling 'frankenbenches' when I came across one made from an Ikea kitchen island; suddenly, light bulb moment "I have ones of those!"

So I promptly stole it from the kitchen and put my partner to work and what a marvelous job he did!

Here it is without the shelves, new and fresh:

Here you can see the catch tray...

There is also a smaller tray on top of that where I keep my findings and some other bits and bobs so they both slide in and out easily.

Here it is as it looks like now from the front...

and the side view...

There you have it, my awesome frankenbench.  The best part is, you can customise it as you go along.  I hope to add some more things to it like a holder for my hammers and something to hold my pliers. I have a lot of room on the sides to add things too and on the legs I will add some hooks etc.

I hope this inspires you to make your own bench if you can't afford a brand new one like me :)

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Danielle Hunter said...

Wow, that's a fab bench! Such a good idea and so simple if you put your mind to it! Danielle x

frontière girl

Frida said...

Such a great bench! I am in the process of building my own frankenbench but for now its just an old desk. :) ill get there. You can se my post about Frankenbenches on my blog here if you would like.