23 June 2009

Foredom flex shaft

I would like one if these, please thank you :)


Nicola said...

Ahh I like the Plea to the universe concept - you'll have to let us know how it goes ;)
I got my Foredom last year (to replace my tired old dremel) it's the best most useful piece of equipment I own, hmmm well maybe a joint first with the kiln!

Hope you get one soon
Nic xx

Lou said...

oh yes I am saving! I actually have one of those draper tools which I have never used. I am currently hunting the flat to see if I can find all the bits that go in it as I am sure they would fit in the foredom. The draper is so bulky eugh!

Where did you get yours from? I might order from the U.S so much cheaper

Lou xx

Jenny Saunder said...

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