19 October 2007

No pics just yet

I will be posting the pics of my recently finished toppers very shortly. Im finally up to date with all of my orders so Im pretty pleased with that, my next order is for the 1st of December so I have a little time to relax and get on with other clay things which I want to try. It might give me a chance to use my silver clay and make some more jewelry before my course on the 1st November. Im really looking forward to the course it should be really interesting.
Meanwhile over at the craft forum I am taking part in secret santa this year so will also be making something for that, already have an idea what Im going to do anyway.
Thats all for the mo, I have just finished a shift in the kitchen so Im off home for shower and bed!


Anice said...

Hi Lou
I have tagged you this morning on my blog because you and your toppers always make me smile.
Have a great weekend
Anice xx

Candles by Lisa said...

Looking forward to seeing the new pics.

Have tagged you in my blog with Anice's smile award too.